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Runtime Object Construction

Generally new objects of various kind can be created using Object Generator.

Creating New Entities

There are other ways of creating entities. One is via IModel_DG.AddNew*() methods. Example:
IBRepSolid_DG iSolid = iModel_DG.AddNewBRepSolid();
IEntity_DG newEntity = iModel_DG.AddNewEntity(); newEntity.SetGeometryType("Mesh");
Or similar calls to IEntity_DG.AddNewChild*()

Standalone entities can be constructed with IObjectGenerator_DG.Create("IEntity_DG") call.

IStdShape_DG interface provides a simplified way for creation of standard entities like Cylinder, Sphere, etc.

IDraw_DG provides another way for quickly building entities. This method is useful for creation of auxiliary objects, which show simple lines, curves or surface patches. IDraw_DG follows OpenGL Begin()/End() pattern

IScene_DG allows simple creation of entities, which present general (non-entity) geometric objects like box or sphere.

Creating Standalone Models

Standalone models can be constructed with IObjectGenerator_DG.Create<IModel_DG>() call. Details