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RectangleDg Class

Rectangle as a pair of ranges


RangeDg this[int index]


RectangleDg(RectangleDg rect);
RectangleDg(double min0, double max0, double min1, double max1);
RectangleDg(RangeDg rg0, RangeDg rg1);
RectangleDg(bool random);
void Copy(RectangleDg rect);
RangeDg GetRange(int index);
void Set(double min0, double max0, double min1, double max1);
void Set(RangeDg rg0, RangeDg rg1);
void SetRange(int index, double min, double max);     // I if i > 1 sets both
void SetRange(int index, RangeDg rg);
void SetEmpty();
void Expand(double by);
void Expand(double dx, double dy);
T2DDg GetPoint(double ratioU, double ratioV);
T2DDg GetPoint(T2DDg ratios);
RectangleLocation GetPointLocation(double x, double y);
RectangleLocation GetPointLocation(T2DDg point);
T2DDg GetCenter();
T2DDg GetCornerRatios(RectangleCorner corner);
T2DDg GetCorner(RectangleCorner corner);
double GetDimension(int i);
double GetMaxDimension();
double GetMinDimension();
double GetAspectRatio();
double GetDiagonalLength();
double GetDiagonalLengthSquare();
bool IsSame(RectangleDg rect);
bool IsSame(RectangleDg rect, double tolerance);
bool IsEmpty();
bool IsFinite();
bool IsFinite(bool u);
bool IsIn(double x, double y);
bool IsIn(T2DDg point);
bool IsIn(RectangleDg rect);
bool IsInOpen(T2DDg point);
bool IsInOpen(T2DDg point, double toerance);
void Include(double x, double y);
void Include(T2DDg point);
void Include(RectangleDg rect);
bool Intersect(RectangleDg rect);
RectangleDg GetIntersection(RectangleDg rect);
bool IsIntersection(RectangleDg rc);
void Translate(double dx, double dy);
void MovePointTo(T2DDg ratios, T2DDg target);
void MoveCornerTo(RectangleCorner corner, T2DDg target);
void Scale(double ratio);
void Scale(double ratio, T2DDg center);
void Scale(T2DDg ratios, T2DDg center);
bool Unite(RectangleDg rect);
RectangleDg GetUnion(RectangleDg rect);
T2DDg Map(T2DDg point, RectangleDg rect);     // Assuming (x,y) belongs to rg2D. Find its affinne image in this
void MakeRandom();
T2DDg Rand();
RangeDg GetLineIntersection(Line2DDg line);
double Dist(T2DDg point, out T2DDg pointNearest);