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IBoundary Interface


The IBoundary interface manages edges of the 3d surface. We call edge the geometrical edge of the surface at an end of the axial base of a Generic 3D Object with closed cross-section loop or geometrical edge of a Surface Of Revolution with open Profile Curve strip.  The software creates flat surface patches orthogonal to z axis to cover them, when an appropriate flag is set. This makes the object to appear solid. (See also Patch Strips and Surfaces ). Call GetEdgeCount  to find out whether the object has edges.

3D Debugger manages edges with Cover Edge check boxes on the General Page of the Options dialogue (Current Object > Options menu command ).

See also MiniCAD Sample, Interface List

void CoverEdge(int nEdge, bool bCover)

The methods turns on or off flat vertical patches covering correspondent frond or back side of the surface . Note that the method does not update the surface automatically. UpdateSurface() method of the control or Update method if IModel_DG has to be called to display the surface correctly.

bool GetCoverEdgeFlag(int nEdge)

int GetEdgeCount()

In this product there is always either none or two edges. For generic 3D entities we call edge only closed cross-section segment loop at the first or the last axial knots. Entities with non closed cross-entityal segment strips in this interpretation do not have edges, so this method will set storage of pnCount to 0. In case of Surface of Revolution this number will be 0 if the generating 2D strip is closed and 2 otherwise.

double GetEdgePosition(int nEdge)

IStrip_DG GetEdge(int nEdge)

No implementation in this release.