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Oriented Boxes

Oriented Box pure geometric object represents a 3D box defined by its ranges in three axes. By default, the box is axis-aligned with the global axes. Boxes can be moved freely in 3D. Boxes have a local frame assigned to it. Location and orientation of the object can be manipulated by moving its local frame. Methods in this case take local (related to the attached frame) coordinates.

Boxes can be manipulated via IBox_DG interface.

Boxes can be created via: IObjectGenerator_DG > Create<Box_DG>() > IBox_DG. There are also other ways to create boxes related to specific types objects.

Query IFrame_DG from IBox_DG to access the local frame. If the query fails the object does not have the local frame and is normally considered as aligned with the global axes.

If the object implements IFrame_DG normally it also implements IMetrics_DG.

Minimal box containing an entity and aligned with local axes of the entity is called Bounding Box of the entity. The frame attached to the box is a copy of local frame of the entity. This box allows approximation of location of the object and its dimensions. The bounding box is returned by IEntity_DG.GetBoundingBox()