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BoxDg Class

Box as three ranges


RangeDg this[int index]


BoxDg(BoxDg box);
BoxDg(double minx, double maxx, double miny, double maxy, double minz, double maxz);
BoxDg(RangeDg rangeX, RangeDg rangeY, RangeDg rangeZ);
BoxDg(bool random);
void Copy(BoxDg box);
RangeDg GetRange(int axis);
void SetRange(int axis, double min, double max);
void SetRange(int axis, RangeDg rg);
void SetAllRanges(double min, double max);
void SetEmpty();
void MovePointTo(PointDg ratios, PointDg target);
void MoveCenterTo(PointDg pt);
void MoveCornerTo(BoxCorner corner, PointDg pt);
void Expand(double by);
void Scale(double ratio);
void Scale(double ratio, PointDg center);
void Scale(T2DDg ratios, PointDg center);
void Include(PointDg pt);
void Include(BoxDg box);
bool Intersect(BoxDg box);     //Returns false if empty
BoxDg GetIntersection(BoxDg box);
double GetLimit(int axis, bool min);
PointDg GetPoint(double r0, double r1, double r2);
PointDg GetPoint(PointDg ratios);
PointDg GetRatios(PointDg point);
PointVsSolidLocation_DG GetPointLocation(PointDg point);
PointVsSolidLocation_DG GetPointLocation(PointDg point, double tolerance);
RectangleDg GetCrossSection(int axis0, int axis1);
PointDg GetCenter();
PointDg GetDimensions();
double GetDimension(int axis);
double GetMaxDimension();
double GetMinDimension();
PointDg GetCorner(int corner);
PointDg GetCorner(BoxCorner corner);
PointDg GetCornerRatios(BoxCorner corner);
double GetVolume();
RangeDg GetProjectionToLine(LineDg line);     //Calculate projection of this to the ray in parameter along line (dist from m_smP);
RangeDg GetLineIntersection(LineDg line);
bool Is(double xmin, double xmax, double ymin, double ymax, double zmin, double zmax, double tolerance);
bool IsEmpty();
bool IsFinite();     //No +-inf limits
bool IsSame(BoxDg box);
bool IsSame(BoxDg box, double tolerance);
bool IsCube(double tolerance);
bool IsIn(PointDg point);
bool IsIn(PointDg point, double tolerance);
bool IsIn(BoxDg box);
bool IsIn(BoxDg box, double tolerance);
bool IsInOpen(PointDg point);
bool IsInOpen(PointDg point, double tolerance);
PointDg Rand();
void MakeRandom();
double Dist(PointDg point, out PointDg pointNearest);
SurfaceVsSurfaceLocation_DG GetLocationWrtPlane(PlaneDg plane);
SurfaceVsSurfaceLocation_DG GetLocationWrtPlane(PlaneDg plane, double tolerance);