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Initialisation Context

Initialisation Context facilitates the process of runtime creation of DGKC control. It addresses the problem that controls are created using generic methods of a particular language or IDE. The method is not aware of properties of DGKC. DGKC creation process on the other hand can work quite differently depending on the environment and requested properties.

The Initialisation Context is a global set of properties, slightly different from the normal properties of DGKC. This set of properties is not dependent on any particular instance of a control and is always accessible even if no control has been created yet.

Initialisation Context is runtime-only functionality and is not persisted to the file system

The main property of the context is the Active property. It is false by default. If it was set to true, any DG Kernel control will use the context during creation to determine the type of the control requested and its initial properties.

Properties of Initialisation Context

Property Description Type Default
Active If true any control created at runtime will copy or use the properties below before its creation Boolean false
ModelPath Will be copied to ModelPath of the control String Empty
ShowGlobalAxes Will be copied to ShowGlobalAxes Boolean False
BackgroundColor Background color Color rgba(0.8, 1.0, 0.8, 1.0)
RenderSolid Will be copied to RenderSolid Boolean True
Visible If false and supported by the IDE the control will be created invisible. It is recommended to set it to false to avoid flicker on start Boolean True

Using Initialisation Context

The context is accessed via IControlInitialisationContext_DG interface.

To obtain IControlInitialisationContext_DG interface obtain IGlobalAPI_DG and use IGlobalAPI_DG.LockInitialisationContext() method.

Call IControlInitialisationContext_DG.Activate(true) for context to be used during control instantiation

Release the context as soon as possible with IControlInitialisationContext_DG.ReleaseContext to make it available for other threads.

See ShapeExplorer sample