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IGeometry_DG Interface


Implemented by different geometry object types.

Typical methods of obtaning IGeometry_DG: IEntity_DG.GetGeometry(); Querying IGeometry_DG from more specific geometry type like IBRepGeometry_DG.

string GetGeometryType()

See IEntity_DG.GetGeometryType() for the list of possible values

PairIntDg GetBoundingBox()

bool IsEmpty()

void Clear()

Deletes all data. The geometry becomes empty.

void Copy(IGeometry_DG geometry)

IGeometry_DG Clone()

void SetModified()

SetsSets modified flag to notify all views that presentation of the object has to be recalculated. The modifed flag most often is set automatically. Call to this method is needed in some cases when a low-level attribute has been modified without a way for the owner entity to know it. Most often the result of this is that a modification does not appear in 3D view immediately. Many such cases are documented.

EDim_DG GetDimension()

Returns e0D for vertices and point sets, e1D for lines, e2D for surfaces. Returns eUD if the dimension is not defined (like in the case of a BRep geometry without a shape attached).

Case of BRep geometry with compound shape is special: If the compound has sub-shapes of different dimensions, the returned value is eUD (unknown). Otherwise it is the dimension of the subshapes. See also: Dimension of BRep shapes