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Object Generator

Object Generator is an object, which allow creation of other new objects. Object Generator is a sort of "new" operator similar to one of C#.

Using Object Generator

Object Generator implements IObjectGenerator_DG interface, which can be queried from IModel_DG, from IGlobalAPI_DG or from a standalone object as described in the Advanced section below.

IObjectGenerator_DG.Createethod can be used to create new instances of objects. See details for types of available objects.


To create a standalone instance of the Object Generator construct and instance of public DgApi class from DGKC namespace. Its IObjectGenerator_DG can be obtained via call to IObjectGenerator_DG DgApi.GetGenerator() like:

         DgApi api = new DgApi();
        gen = api.GetGenerator();
        IModel_DG iModel = gen.Create();   // Use the generator

See Console.Init() in Console sample for a debuggable example.

See also Object Array sample.