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What is new in version 7.0

New Digital Geometric Kernel Control (DGKC) is a pure .NET control implemented in C# is a UserControl (System.Windows.Forms namespace) provides familiar interface for  .NET applications.

DGKC can be used in any configuration, including AnyCPU. There is no need to specify x86 or x64 platform as the build target.

There is a single unified DG Kernel installer, which supports development of .Net or native applications for any (x64 or x86) target. Redistributable binaries are also bitness-independent.

Natively implemented KerCADne.ocx (.Net) and KerCADe.ocx (C++, Deplhi, etc.) are still supported. The unified installer includes four controls for both 32 and 64 bits.

*_DG interface set introduced in v6 is completed and self-contained. There is a _DG couterpart for all v6.2 interfaces.

A number of existing interfaces have been expanded. See the table below.

Support for IKO_* interfaces, which implement OCCT-style modelling functionality has been dropped. There is a _DG analogue for each IKO* interface. All other v6_2 interfaces are supported.

The third party renderer component has been updated.

BRep faces can have per face color managed by new mehods of IBRepShape_DG.

All samples have been updated to use new interfaces.

Online documentation has been updated and improved.

New Interfaces

I2DEditor_DG IEuclideanShortestPath_DG IMove_DG
IAppearance_DG IFont_DG IObjectOriented_DG
IArc_DG IGlobalAPI_DG IPathCollisionDetector_DG
IArcSpline3DCurve_DG IKinematicEntity_DG IPointCloud_DG
IBitmap_DG IKinematicSet_DG IPointSetGeometry_DG
IBlob_DG ILabel_DG IRectangleColor_DG
IConstraint_DG ILabelGeometry_DG ISegmentStripGeometry_DG
IContext_DG ILighting_DG ISimplex_DG
IControlInitialisationContext_DG ILightSource_DG ISmartLabelManager_DG
ICurveFreeForm_DG ILineStyle_DG ISpinEffect_DG
ICurveGeometry_DG IMaterial_DG ISticky_DG
ICutEffect_DG IMeasurement_DG ISTLDataContext_DG
IDataContext_DG IMetrics_DG ISurfacePointArray_DG
IDiffSurface_DG IMapUint64_DG ITexture_DG
IDynamicScreenItem_DG IMesh_DG IVertex_DG
IDynamicScreenItemManager_DG IMeshAlgor_DG IVertexSegment_DG
IEllipse_DG IMeshGeometry_DG IViewPoint_DG
IEntity2d_DG IMeshPoint_DG IViewPointArray_DG
IError_DG IModel2d_DG IVirtualView_DG

Expanded interfaces

Interface What is new
IArray_DG IsEmpty()
IArrayDouble_DG IsEmpty()
IArrayInt_DG IsEmpty()
IBRepBuilderEx_DG CreatePipe()
IBRepShape_DG Color, GetAppearance(), DeleteAppearance()
ICurveArray_DG IsEmpty()
IEntity_DG GetLocationDetached(), GetExtendedProperties(), SetVisible1()
IEntityArray_DG IsEmpty(), Append(), GetEnumerator()
IFrame_DG GetAxisRay(), GetPlane(), TranslateGlobal1()
IGeometricObject_DG Scale1()
ILine_DG Slide(), GetPointProjection1()
IList_DG IsEmpty()
IMapUnkn_DG GetEnumerator()
IModel_DG LoadFromMemory(), SaveToMemory(), InsertEntity(), DetectFormat(), RemoveEntities1(), Find(), FindEntity(), IsPersistModified(), SetPersistModified(), UpdateDeep()
IShapeArray_DG IsEmpty()
IView_DG AutoViewMode, GetContext(), GetScene(), GetLighting(), GetExtendedProperties(), LookAtEntity(), LookAtEntities()