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Model Viewer Application

The Model Viewer allows three-dimensional viewing of DG Kernel Models stored in supported formats.

To rotate the model use left mouse button. To pan - hold shift key and use left mouse button. To zoom - use right mouse button. Making circles with mouse while holding left mouse button causes the model to rotate around axis orthogonal to the screen.

Note that manipulations of the view do not change anything in the geometry of the model. Only point of view is changing. These actions are similar to movements of a TV camera around the scene, closing up or moving away from objects.

View menu allows change between Solid and Wire Frame viewing modes. 

Options Dialog

By default, 3D view displays global axes with red, green and blue colors for x, y and z axis correspondently. To hide the global axes clear "Show global frame" check box in Options dialogue. 

Each object also displays its local frame. To hide those clear "Show local frames" check box in the dialogue.

Global axes are drawn with conical pointers. Local axes are drawn with flat triangle corners as pointers.

"Simplex per dim" parameter allows increasing "Geometric Resolution" of the model. Geometrical resolution determines how fine is approximation of the surface. Increasing this number leads to a better surface rendering, but also increases computational load on the computer.

Note: As the Viewer is a read-only application these three options are not saved with the model.