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IBRepChamfer_DG Interface


An algorithm interface which replaces specified edges of the shape (normaly a solid) specified in BuildAll() or Init() with chamfers.

IBRepChamfer_DG can be obtained via a call IObjectGenerator_DG.Create<IBRepChamfer_DG>();

Use BuildAll() to build chamfers for all edges in the shape in one call.

Use Init(); Add*();...Add*(); Build(); sequence to specify the edges and distance parameters.

See BuildChamfer() method in Solids sample for an example.

IBRepShape_DG BuildAll(IBRepShape_DG shape, double distance)

Builds chamfers of the same distance on all edges of the shape. No other calls are required

void Init(IBRepShape_DG shape)

Specifies the shape to be modified

void Add(double distance, IBRepEdge_DG edge)

void Add(double distanceLeft, double distanceRight, IBRepEdge_DG edge)

void Add(double distance, double angle, IBRepEdge_DG edge)

angle is expected in radians.

IBRepShape_DG Build()