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IBRepDraftAngle_DG Interface


Modifies a shape by performing taper-adding transformations on its faces. IBRepDraftAngle_DG can be obtained using IObjectGenerator_DG:

via IModel_DG > IObjectGenerator_DG > Create<BRepDraftAngle_DG>().

void Init(IBRepShape_DG shape)

Initialises the algorithm by attaching the shape to be processed

bool Add(IBRepFace_DG face, VectDg direction, double angle, IPlane_DG neutralPlane)

Adds a face for tapering.

Only planar, cylindrical or conical faces can be tapered:
If face is planar, it is tapered by inclining it by angle around the line of intersection between the plane neutralPlane and face.
Direction indicates the side of neutralPlane from which material is removed if angle is positive or added if angle is negative.

If face is cylindrical or conical, it is transformed in the same way on a single face, resulting in a conical face if face is cylindrical, and a conical or cylindrical face if it is already conical.

The taper-adding transformation is propagated from face along series of planar, cylindrical or conical faces containing face, which are tangential to one another. Check the return to see if the transformation was successful.

Nothing is done if:
face does not belong to the initial shape of this algorithm, or
face is not planar, cylindrical or conical.

Exceptions are raised if:
The initial shape is not defined, i.e. if this algorithm has not been initialized with the Init() method.
The previous call to Add() has failed. The return from Add() can be used to check for that.

IBRepShape_DG Build()