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BRep Wires

A wire is a sequence of linked edges used to trim off parts of a face to create holes or external boundary. A wire is a property of its owner face. Wires are not shared. Edges, on the other hand, are shared by wires of adjacent faces.

A wire keeps a list of its vertices accessed via IBRepWire_DG.GetVertex(). Vertices in this list are listed in counter clock wise direction of the owner face (looking from outside).

Wires in a valid shape are always closed (define a loop). Wires can also be created standalone (to define a curve, etc.), in which case they can be open.

Ignoring individual orientation, edges are also listed in Counter Clock Wise sequence of the owner face.

Edges in a wire are linked: Two consecutive edges always share an end vertex.

A wire can consist of a single closed edge. The vertex list in the case consists of a single vertex.

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