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DGKC provides several methods for selection of objects. Also, entities with mesh geometry allow selection of mesh elements: simplexes and vertices

See also: Pick sample

Object Selection

By default selected entities are highlighted with reddish grey color. This color can be customised via DGK > GetView() > IView_DG > IContext_DG > SetColorParam(EColorParams_DG.eColorSelectedEntity, ...)

There are multiple ways to select objects:

Selection via the current entity

This method allows selection of an object with a single click. When the component is in Modify mode click on an object raises CurrentObjectChanged event, which informs the application about the selected object

Selection via IPick_DG interface

This method is fully programmatic. Methods of IPick_DG can be called directly without any human interaction

Selection via the Selection Event

This method allows selection of multiple objects. Details

Selection of surface elements

Selection of surface elements can be handled by using the Selection Event in response to user issuing an Advanced > Edit > Select > (Vertices, Edges, Faces or Objects) command via the context menu. The actual selection is made via left-click and drag to draw a selection rectangle over a single entity. In this version only "Mesh" and "BRep" type of geometries can be inspected this way. Other types of geometries are ignored.

Browsing geometric structures

Browsing of internal structure of BRep STEP-compliant parametric objects is possible programmatically. See the Shape Explorer sample. Please contact us to request interactive selection of this kind of elements. The same is possible with Mesh geometries (Morph sample).